version Beta - 8 June 2017


Money $ % of the profits are transfered to the bank account Weather today:
Cold water Hot water
Water Pumped m3 Water Treated m3 Hot water pumped Water heated
Water Used m3 Extra water m3 Hot water used
Stored water/max m3/ m3

Supplied houses
Water price
Water needed per house

Suplied houses(map):

Increase water production from pumps by 10% - $
Small pump: ->
Medium pump: ->
Big pump: ->
Very big pump: ->
Decrease operating costs of pumps by 10% - $
Small pump: $->$
Medium pump: $->$
Big pump: $->$
Very big pump: $->$
Increase treatment plant production by 10% - $
Small treatment plant: ->
Medium treatment plant: ->
Big treatment plant: ->
Very big treatment plant: ->
Decrease operating costs of treatment plants by 10% - $
Small treatment plant: $->$
Medium treatment plant: $->$
Big treatment plant: $->$
Very big treatment plant: $->$
Increase capacity of water storage units by 10% - $
Small storage: m3->
Medium storage: m3->
Big storage: m3->
Very big storage: m3->
Decrease operating costs of storage tanks by 10% - $
Small storage: $->$
Medium storage: $->$
Big storage: $->$
Very big storage: $->$
Decrease cost of buying pipes by 2.5% - $
$ -> $
Decrease cost of placing pipes by 2.5% - $
$ -> $
Increase rate of building of new houses by 0.25% - $
Increase water needed per house by 2.5% - $
Increase price of cold water by 5% - $
$ -> $
Increase price of hot water by 5% - $
Increase interest rate by 0.25% - $
Increase max loan by 100% - $
Maximum loan: $->$
Increase production of heat pumps by 10% - $
Small heat pump: m3-> m3
Medium heat pump: m3-> m3
Big heat pump: m3-> m3
Very big heat pump: m3-> m3
Decrease operating costs of heat pumps by 10% - $
Small heat pump: $->$
Medium heat pump: $->$
Big heat pump: $->$
Very big heat pump: $->$
Increase production of heating plants by 10% - $
Small heating plant: m3-> m3
Medium heating plant: m3-> m3
Big heating plant: m3-> m3
Very big heating plant: m3-> m3
Decrease cost of buying heat pipes by 5% - $
Decrease cost of pacing heat pipes by 5% - $

Without pumps you can't supply water to the homes and you won't get money. They are pretty expensive so think before you buy one.


Pump Price Total Owned Water pumped Total pumped water Operating cost Total operating cost
Small pump $ $
Medium pump $ $
Big pump $ $
Very big pump $ $

Water storage is used to store water like water towers. Whene there is too much water, it is stored if possible. When there is a shortage of water, the water from the tower is used.


Storage type Price Total Owned Water max stored Total max stored water Operating cost Total operating cost
Small storage $ $
Medium storage $ $
Big storage $ $
Very big storage $ $

Thanks to the treatment plant you don't need to pay fines for dirty water being disposed. Be aware that for every 1000 m3 you dispose in river you need to pay $100.


Treatment plant Price Total Owned Water treated Total treated water Operating cost Total operating cost
Small treatment plant $ $
Medium treatment plant $ $
Big treatment plant $ $
Very big treatment plant $ $

Pipes are the most important thing for your company. Without them you can't supply people with water. They are the main source of money. Each pipe supplies houses at a time.

Buy max pipes every day if possible

Pipes you have:
Cost for buying one pipe: $
Cost for placing one pipe: $
Placed pipes:

In the bank you can manage your money. You can invest in bank account and get a fixed interest every day or if you need money you can take out a loan.

Current balance $ Monthly interest %
Current loan/max loan $/$ Loan interest % Current tax for loan $
Get loan Return loan
Turn on/off investments
Invest % in the bank from income,
Put money from interest in the bank

I've found a bug. What should I do?

You should report it in this reddit post or you can open a new issue in github on this address.

I've got a suggestion/feature for the game. Where can I share my idea?

You can add your suggestion on reddit.

Why do I need treatment plant and what will happen if I don't have?

The treatment plant cleans the water from sawage. If you let not treated water to the river, you will pay a fine of $1000 for every 10000m3 not treated water.

What will happen if I can't supply enough water?

Simply people will pay fo the water you supplied. If you supply 10m3, but they need 20m3, people will pay for 10m3 only.

How does the bank loan system work?

On the next day on 00:00 the bank will take 1/100 of the loan from your money. If you don't have enough money, your loan will increase by the percentage of the loan interest.

I want to get x money via loan but I can't. Why?

You can't have a loan bigger than 100k. It can go higher if you don't have enough money to pay the tax.

How does the bank account work?

You can put money in it. Every day at 00:00 you get interest for your money in your cash on hand.

How are operating costs defined?

Everything has a operating cost(exept pipes). Even if you don't use it or you use it very little, the operating cost won't change.

The game is autosaved every 30 seconds.

Turn off autosave
Turn off notifications for number of builded house Turn off notifications for the received bank interest
Turn off notifications for payed loan tax

Income daily Expenditures daily
Selling water $ Operating costs water $
Selling heated water $ Operating costs heated water $
Selling water total $ Operating costs total $
From interest(in bank account) $ Loans $
Fines $
Profit $

Version Beta - 8 June 2017

Version 0.3.4 Beta - 6 June 2017

Version 0.3.3 Beta - 26 May 2017

Version Beta

Version 0.3.2 Beta

Version 0.3.1 Beta

Version 0.3 Beta: The Money River

Version 0.2 Beta

This game is made using the folowing libraries:

Heat pipes placed
Heat pipes owned
Houses supplied with heated water
Heat water price

Heat pumps work like regular pumps. They pump water from the river and pump it to the heating facilyties.

Pump Price Total price Owned Water pumped Total pumped water Operating cost Total operating cost
Small heat water pump
Medium heat water pump
Big heat water pump
Very big heat water pump

Heating plants use fuel(coal, gas, sun) to heat water and pump the heated water to the houses.

Heating plant Price Total price Owned Water heated Total heated water Operating cost Total operating cost
Small heating water plant
Medium heating water plant
Big heating water plant
Very big heating water plant

Heat pipes are special pipes. They are insulated and more thicker so they don't melt and the water doesn't cool down so fast. They are also much more expensive. They treansport the hot water to homes from the CPP.

Buy max heat pipes every day if possible
Heat pipes owned:
Heat pipes placed:
Heat pipe buy/place cost:/