Fourier Incremental

f(t) = 0

Current DP/s :
0 Cost : 10 DP


Achievements can unlock features and will multiply your DP production by 1.01.

Current multiplier : 1

Achievements are currently being worked on!

Have 1 C1

Unlock : C2

Have 1 C2

Unlock : C3

Have 1 C3

Unlock : C4

Have 1 C4

Unlock : C5

Have 1 C5

Unlock : C6

Have 1 C6

Unlock : C7

Have 1 C7

Unlock : C8

Have 1 C8

Unlock : C9

Have 1 C9

Unlock : C10

Have 1 C10

Unlock : Negative Prestige

Have 10 C1

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C2

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C3

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C4

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C5

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C6

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C7

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C8

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C9

Unlock : +0.01 Achievement Multiplier

Have 10 C10

Unlock : Max All Button

Have 25 C1

Unlock : Phi 1 and -1

Have 25 C2

Unlock : Phi 2 and -2

Have 25 C3

Unlock : Phi 3 and -3

Have 25 C4

Unlock : Phi 4 and -4

Have 25 C5

Unlock : Phi 5 and -5

Have 25 C6

Unlock : Phi 6 and -6

Have 25 C7

Unlock : Phi 7 and -7

Have 25 C8

Unlock : Phi 8 and -8

Have 25 C9

Unlock : Phi 9 and -9

Have 25 C10

Unlock : Phi 10 and -10

Have 100 C1

Unlock : C1 and C-10 synergize

Have 100 C2

Unlock : C2 and C-9 synergize

Have 100 C3

Unlock : C3 and C-8 synergize

Have 100 C4

Unlock : C4 and C-7 synergize

Have 100 C5

Unlock : C5 and C-6 synergize

Have 100 C6

Unlock : C6 and C-5 synergize

Have 100 C7

Unlock : C7 and C-4 synergize

Have 100 C8

Unlock : C8 and C-3 synergize

Have 100 C9

Unlock : C9 and C-2 synergize

Have 100 C10

Unlock : C10 and C-1 synergize

Have 1 C-1

Unlock : C-2

Have 1 C-2

Unlock : C-3

Have 1 C-3

Unlock : C-4

Have 1 C-4

Unlock : C-5

Have 1 C-5

Unlock : C-6

Have 1 C-6

Unlock : C-7

Have 1 C-7

Unlock : C-8

Have 1 C-8

Unlock : C-9

Have 1 C-9

Unlock : C-10

Have 1 C-10

Unlock : Lowering C0

One for all...

Unlock : -9% C1 and C-1 cost scaling (applies retroactively)


Unlock : -18% C2 and C-2 cost scaling (applies retroactively)

A slice of Pi

Unlock : -27% C3 and C-3 cost scaling (applies retroactively)


Unlock : -36% C4 and C-4 cost scaling (applies retroactively)


Unlock : -45% C5 and C-5 cost scaling (applies retroactively)

Devil's number

Unlock : -54% C6 and C-6 cost scaling (applies retroactively)

Lucky Seven

Unlock : -63% C7 and C-7 cost scaling (applies retroactively)


Unlock : -72% C8 and C-8 cost scaling (applies retroactively)

Nine only

Unlock : -81% C9 and C-9 cost scaling (applies retroactively)

... And all for one

Unlock : -90% C10 and C-10 cost scaling (applies retroactively)

Stuck (Have 5 quality upgrades without any positive or negative Cn)

Unlock : Help tab

There is no point in doing that...(prestige without any quality upgrade)

Unlock : Halves Quality requirement scaling (applies retroactively)

Prestige Down

Unlock : C-1

Ah yes, it really reduces it...

Unlock : Skill Tree

6 feet under

Unlock : Phi 0

Low Calculation Master (have e2520 DP)

Makes Negative Point generation stronger

Legally Compromised Mechanism (have e2520 NP)

Makes Negative power generation stronger

Show the construction vector in green (what each Cn does)
Enable Autosave
Enable Autobuy
Disable that horrible sound (working on it, the button doesn't work yet)

This whole game is about the Fourier series (not the transform!) and this tab will explain to you what all this is about.

Fourier found that for any 2D shape that is continuous (you can draw it without having to lift the pen once) and have the starting point and the end point that are the same, there was a complex function that can draw it for t between 0 and 1 :

Where is a list of positive reals (take it as a list of radius) and is a list of angles in radians

Here is a link to the video from 3Blue1Brown to show you how powerful this tool is (and explain it better than i do)

The achievement Row 6 column 2 requires you to draw a "Lemniscate" (the infinity symbol), this can be done by having 1 of C2 and C-2 and 2 of C1 and C-1, then playing with angles.

6 feet under (last achievement) requires you to get 6 C0.

A slice of Pi is : 3.141592653... 1 digit is one Cn, from C1 to C10, you can have any negative Cn.

LEET = 1337

B = 2, R = 18, E = 5, A = 1, D = 4

Same logic for BAGUETTE

4 is the number of death and 666 is the one of the beast, you need all Cn from -6 to 6 to be equal to 6 (except 0) to unleash the evil (and get an achievement)

Have 3 "7" equally distributed between C1 and C7 to get lucky (that means 7 in C1, C4 and C7) (and unlock an achievement)

Nine Only : try to get only 9 C9 and 9 C-9

"One for all..." requires you to have simultaneously 1 of each Cn (positive and negative, not counting C0)

"... and all for one" requires you to prestige with only C1, no other positive Cn

There is a factor that multiplies DP production : it represent the scaling of the drawing, it resets on prestige (any), the skills related to it makes it squared if you have 1, cubed if you have 2 etc

Positive Cns all multiplies your production by 1.5

There is a factor that added to 1, multiplies DP production. It grows with negative Cns

Each negative Cn (except for C-1) increase the Cn before it on a fictive way, that does count for the increase of the next one etc, then C-1 and fictive C-1 increase the negative product that multiplies DP production

"Synergize" means that they increase each other's strength, it's calculated by adding the base 10 logarithm of one's value and adding a portion of it to the power of the multiplier they already have (which is 1)

Skill Tree

You currently have 1 nullifiers. (this is the number of C0 you have minus the number of skills you already bought)

Each skill costs 1 nullifier

Improve distance multiplier

So, that wasn't how stuff were supposed to happen, but here is a link to the discord server of the game : Click me! i'm innoffensive

The server is pretty empty and the main purpose of it was not to be about that incremental game, but a RPG that i'm programming. Still, it has a Fourier bot you can mess with!

I'll, one day, add links to other stuff related to Fourrier series that i made so you can have fun with greater values of n.

A little link to something i made with those series and python : Yes, i'm a furry