Ready to eat bananas?

All locations have been cleared!

"It's over, right?"

"It's over for now. But if we want to truly master the Great Banana Technology, we would need something more powerful" Wilbert said.

"Like what?" asked Ducky.

"I'd say, it's time to build up some Machinery!"

"All the bananas are gone! Wonderful job!" said Ducky.

"I'm a professional," I smiled.

"But wait!"

Ducky and I turned to Wilbert.

"Our Massive Banana Detector shows that there are still about 999999999 locations left!" she said. "And each contains a billion bananas that needs to be eaten!"

"Isn't that a bit too much?!"

"Don't worry! I developed these upgrades to help you on your way!"

Massive Banana Multiplier
Doubles the base amount of bananas everyone can eat in a single meal
Current base: 1/8192

The skill of professionals

Banana-Powered Engine
Doubles the speed of the truck

Hire Manager
Full package: befriends animals, upgrades truck, applies prestige!

Cloning Genie
Eat bananas in 10 million locations at the same time

Enter a location without upgrades

Automatically enter new location
There are 1000000000 bananas. Eat them all!

Make everyone 10 times as hungry

Hire driver to ride the truck

Autopoop: the skill of superheroes!

Chew several bananas at the same time

Befriend a monkey to help you eat bananas
Ask an elephant to help you eat bananas
Send a truck with bananas to your local community

Upgrade truck engines to make it faster
Speed: 50 kmph

Upgrade truck capacity to transport more bananas